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Fresh Ravioli with Herbs

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The “Ravioli al plin” are a typical handmade first course of the Piedmontse culinary tradition. “Plin” a Piedmontse dialect word, means “pinch”, the technique used to close and seal the pasta. These small artisan ravioli are stffued with ricotta cheese, herbs and spinach.

Brand: Tartuflanghe

Location: Piedmont, Italy

Food: Pasta

Ingredient: Pasta: wheat flour, eggs, spinach Filling: ricotta cheese, Swiss chard, spinach

Weight: 1KG

Before you purchase:
Our fresh pasta was frozen according to the official guideline and certificate.
Please check the attached certificate.
If you have any question about the expiry date of the fresh plin pasta, please do not feel hesitate to contact us.
Certificate on Fresh Plin Pasta Expiry Date


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