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NIO 雞尾酒,口味選擇多,一搖一撕一倒,無論何時何地,都能馬上進入歡愉的氣氛!推廣期特惠,每包低至$55!此時此刻,Tartuflanghe 的松露三寶 (烤玉米/榛子/腰果) 更是必備配酒伴侶!

NIO Cocktails, a series of flavor selections, let you and your friends enjoy pre-mixed cocktails anywhere at anytime – just shake, tear and pour. Special promotion, as low as $55/pack. Tartuflanghe’s  toasted Truffle Corn /Hazelnuts /Cashews are the best cocktail companion.

Hot Items 熱銷產品

Featured Brands 焦點品牌

Featured Products 焦點產品

Fashionable 時尚

Balsamic Vinegars in various densities
by Tra Le Righe

Happy Sweets 甜的快樂

Variety of Italian Chocolates
by D. Barbero

Perlage 特色珍珠狀醬

Black truffle juice 黑松露汁, Salmon 三文魚, Pesto 羅勒香蒜, Anchovies 鯷魚
by Tartuflanghe

New Taste 新口味

New Red/White Wine Member
by Pedemontis

Eat Healthily 食得健康

New Extra Virgin Olive Oil
by Terre Bormane

Delicious 美味

Selected Truffle Sauces
by Ori Di Langa, Tartuflanghe

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