NIO Cocktails is the labour of love of three young Italian entrepreneurs: Alessandro Palmarin, Luca Quagliano, Maximum Palmieri. Their idea: make professionally mixed cocktails available and ready to drink everywhere.

We are all used to drink a Negroni or a Margarita exclusively where we can find a good bartender. Preparing yourself a cocktail might be complex and expensive. Nio is the answer.
To realise their dream the 3 young Italians needed a cocktail expert: PATRICK PISTOLESI owner of DRINK KONG in Rome, recipient of the Campari One to Watch Award 2019 (The World 50 Best Bars).
Patrick is a Master mixologist who has created 14 perfect NIO cocktails to be enjoyed everywhere. You just need to follow 3 simple steps:
1 – Shake the pack
2 – Tear o the corner
3 – Pour the content into a tumbler filled with ice.

NIO ready-to-drink cocktails are mixed in Italy with only selected premium spirits from the most important producers in the world.

NIO offers a luxurious drinking experience everywhere and, on every occasion, providing a practical and elegant solution for all those occasions where having a professional bar would not be possible or not convenient.

NIO does not use any additives or preservatives in any of its cocktails.
For its packaging NIO uses exclusively FSC® certified paper, while the internal pouch is 45% Bio- based. Both components are recyclable.

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