Liguori, Capellini (Angel Hair) N.1 Pasta I.G.P. 天使髮絲長幼麵 500g


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Liguori 是第一家獲得 P.G.I.認證的麵食生產商。 格拉尼亞諾的生產因其獨特的氣候條件和傳統的生產過程而保證了產品的卓越品質。

這種麵食起源於中北部,其獨特之處在於其非常薄的形狀。 儘管重量輕且脆弱,但它們可以保持完整的結構。 特別受到孩子們的喜愛,因為它們的稠度和與它們搭配的調味料:黃油、鼠尾草和奶酪,非常適合熱湯。

Liguori was the first pasta producer to obtain P.G.I. Certification. The production in Gragnano, unique for its climatic conditions and the traditional production process, guarantees a product of superior quality.

Thy type of pasta with central-northern origins is made unique by the very thin form. Despite being light and delicate, they can keep intact their structure. Especially loved by kids for their consistency and for the seasoning they go well with: butter, sage and cheese, very good in a hot soup.

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