Terre Bormane, Carnaroli Rice Super Fine 特級意大利卡納羅利短粒米 1kg


Carnaroli rice superfine is a premier variety of high-quality Italian rice renowned for its big round grains, superior nutritional qualities and outstanding gastronomic characteristics. Its grains, which triple in size during cooking, efficiently absorb flavours and condiments while maintaining an extraordinary texture and consistency and, most importantly, will not overcook, making it particularly suitable for rice salads and risotto.
卡納羅利短粒米是優質意大利米的主要品種,以其顆粒飽滿、卓越的營養品質及美味而聞名。 該米在烹飪時會變大三倍,可有效吸收食材和調味品的味道,同時保持極佳的質感和黏口度,特別適合用於做米沙律和意大利飯。
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