Cipriani, Bellini Cocktail 貝里尼雞尾酒 750ml

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Bellini (貝里尼) 於 1948 年在威尼斯的 Harry’s Bar 創建。它是 Giuseppe Cipriani 為他的顧客發明的,並獻給這位文藝復興時期的著名畫家。

一種甜美而輕鬆的雞尾酒飲料,讓味蕾和眼睛都愉悅。 桃子 Bellini 僅採用最好的白桃泥製成,其光滑的質地與 Prosecco (普羅塞克) 的光芒相結合,孕育出一款慶祝生活的歡樂雞尾酒。 Bellini 配方自創立以來一直使用相同品質的原料。 Prosecco 和桃子泥完美地融合在一起,不需要其他香氣或味道。

酒精含量:  5.5%

The Bellini was created at Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1948. It was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani for his customers and dedicated to the famous Renaissance painter.

A sweet and easygoing drink that pleases both the palate and the eyes. The peach Bellini is made with only the best white peach puree, whose smooth texture combines with the sparkle of Prosecco to conceive a joyous cocktail that celebrates life. The Bellini recipe has used the same quality ingredients since its original inception. The Prosecco and peach puree complete each harmoniously, no other aromas or flavors required.


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