Harry’s Bar has been one of the most renowned restaurants in the world for over 90 years. An institution in the city of Venice. A meeting place for writers, artists, actors, princes and aristocrats, famous for its legendary dishes and incomparable atmosphere, always imitated and yet still unique.

Since 1983 Cipriani Food has been taking their recipes and a selection of the finest ingredients into the homes of their customers.

It was Giuseppe Cipriani who invented the famous Carpaccio and the original Bellini, two creations of Harry’s Bar that have become icons of Venice, very well known all over the world.

Harry’s Bar became so popular that the format spread everywhere, especially overseas, and it was later replicated in Asia and Middle East.

The unmistakable style of the most popular Venetian bar in the world was a huge success in New York City, a town in constant evolution just like Cipriani brand.

The brand’s portfolio includes restaurants, event venues, hotels, lounges, clubs and serviced residences, as well as a full line of Cipriani-style food and beverages.

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