Ciabot Berton, Piedmontese Hazelnuts (Tonda Gentile), Shelled and Roasted 烘烤去殼皮埃蒙特榛子 500g


The Piedmontese Hazelnut (Tonda Gentile) is one of the best hazelnut in the world. With its intense characteristic flavour they are perfect for delicious pastries, with chocolate or just on their own. Try them with pain yogurt and honey.
皮埃蒙特榛子(Tonda Gentile)是世界上最好的榛子之一。憑藉其濃郁的特色風味,非常適合搭配朱古力或單獨食用的美味糕點,也可以嘗試加普通乳酪和蜂蜜食用。
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