Vivel, Iranian Saffron 伊朗藏紅花 4g


「Negin」是伊朗藏紅花的下一個等級,以其深紅色、濃鬱的香氣和又長又細的花絲而聞名。 它比「Super Negin」含有更多的黃色和橙色絲線,但仍然被認為質量很好,經常用於高端烹飪應用。

Pure Negin saffron from Iran.
“Negin” is the next grade of Iranian saffron, it is known for its deep red color, strong aroma, and long, thin strands. It contains more yellow and orange threads than super negin, but still considered to be of good quality and is often used in high-end culinary applications.

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