Tartuflanghe, Perlage, Salmon Pearls 珍珠狀三文魚醬 200g


Excellent for garnishing sushi, sashimi, tartare, carpaccio, meat and fish fillets, tapas and for flavoring pastas, sauces, sauces, vegetables, pizza and focaccias.


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Ingredients: Water, salmon concentrate (water, salmon 33%, preservative: E211), salt, thickener: E401, flavor enhancer: E621, cod liver oil, flavourings, acidifier: E330, colourings: E120, E160c.

Can be stored at room temperature until opened. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 30 days.

成分:水、三文魚濃縮液(水、三文魚 33%、防腐劑:E211)、鹽、增稠劑:E401、增味劑:E621、魚肝油、調味料、酸化劑:E330、色素:E120、E160c。

可以在室溫下保存直至打開。開封後,請存放在冰箱中,並在 30 天內食用完畢。

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