Perbellini, Sbrisolada 杏仁碎餅 350g


Sbrisolada comes from the historical city of Mantova in Italy’s Lombardy region, just a few kilometers from Pasticceria Perbellini. The name for this almond biscuit cake derives from the local Mantova dialect ‘Brisa’ meaning crumbs.
The crumbs are formed as pieces are broken off by hand and eaten as is or after being dipped in sweet wine or a spirit such as Grappa.

Sbrisolada 來自意大利倫巴第大區的歷史名城曼托瓦,距離 Pasticceria Perbellini 僅幾公里。 這種杏仁餅乾蛋糕的名字來源於曼托瓦當地的方言“Brisa”,意思是麵包屑。

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