Perbellini, Pan dei Siori “主的麵包” 700g


Pan dei Siori translated means ‘bread of the lords’ as in the past, the ingredients that make up this delicacy were only affordable by the rich. This delightful treat is made using hand selected raisins, candied lemon and orange cubes, walnuts, almonds and dried figs all encased by an aroma cinnamon.

Pan dei Siori 翻譯的意思是“主的麵包”,就像過去一樣,構成這種美味的成分只有富人才能負擔得起。 這種令人愉悅的美食是用手工挑選的葡萄乾、蜜餞檸檬和橙子塊、核桃、杏仁和無花果乾製成的,所有這些都被肉桂的香氣包裹著。

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