Perbellini, Offella d’Oro 杏仁蛋糕 850g


如果 Perbellini 的名字與烘焙食品領域的卓越品質聯繫在一起,那麼這要歸功於家族傑作 Offella d’Oro ® 。 這是一種富含雞蛋和奶油的發酵糕點,表面輔以杏仁顆粒。

事實上,這種產品被放置在截錐形模具中,其底部是杏仁,在烘烤時釋放出香氣和氣味,使這種蛋糕的麵團獨一無二。作為一種富含黃油的麵團,其製作需要發酵超過 48 小時,並且採用簡單天然的成分。 事實上,麵團是通過在酸麵團中反覆添加蛋黃、黃油、麵粉和糖而製成的,在初步發酵後,由我們的員工將其分成單獨的塊,手工“成型”,然後放入裝有切碎杏仁的模具中。煮熟後,產品將靜置,然後由我們的員工用傳統的紅白色包裝手工包裝,並用藤蔓捆綁。

對我們來說,Offella d’Oro ® 就是聖誕節的代名詞。

If the Perbellini name is linked to excellence in the world of Baked goods, credit is due toOffella d’Oro ®, the family masterpiece. It is a leavened pastry rich in eggs and butter complemented by almond granules on the surface.

In fact, such a product is laid in a truncated cone mold on the base of which are almonds, which in baking release aromas and scents that make the dough of this cake inimitable. Being a butter-rich dough, its preparation requires more than 48 hours of rising and is based on simple and natural ingredients. In fact, the dough is created by repeatedly adding yolk, butter, flour and sugar to the sourdough and after an initial rising is portioned into individual pieces by our staff, “formed” by hand and placed in the molds in which chopped almonds have been previously placed. Once cooked, the product is left to rest and then hand-packed by our staff with traditional red and white packaging and tied with a vine shoot.

For us, theOffella d’Oro ® is synonymous with Christmas.

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