Perbellini, Fior D’Albicoccai 杏仁蛋糕 550g


This extremely light cake is available all year round. The light sponge encloses small, tasty apricot confit drops, while the top is covered by a soft almond glaze. It is packaged in a delightful box with a hand drawn print of apricots making it an ideal gift.

這種極輕的蛋糕全年供應。 輕盈的海綿包裹著小巧可口的杏仁醬,而頂部則覆蓋著柔軟的杏仁碎。 它包裝在一個帶有手繪杏子圖案的精美盒子中,是送禮的理想之選。

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