Galateo & Friends, ‘Untitled’, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Italian Selection 《自製標題》特級初榨橄欖油意大利精選 200 ml


可自己定制的瓶子外觀 – 最新的奇妙瓷器創作……是附加一支小巧的Marker筆……就這麼簡單! DIY“自己動手”並創建您自己的貼紙來個性化您的 Galateo & Friends 特級初榨橄欖油瓶。與一家意大利設計公司合作,設計出一款造型奇特的全新無名瓶。 純度的高度。

Customizable Bottle – UNTITLED Seletti design’s latest fantastic porcelain creation is a compact marker pen… simple as that! DIY “Do it yourself” and create your own stickers to personalize your bottle of Galateo&friends extra virgin olive oil. In partnership with an Italian design company, a new unusually-shaped nameless bottle. The height of purity.

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