Galateo & Friends, Passepartout, Salted Capers 鹽醃刺山柑

Capers – contrary to common belief – are not fruits, but immature buds that, if left on the shrub, bloom into beautiful flowers. Every year, from the end of May to mid-August, caper buds are picked, sorted according to size, preserved in sea salt and stirred every day to promote fermentation, to enhance the flavour of the small hard green buds. Enjoy them in salad, with our tuna fillet or as an addition to sh and sh sauces, perfect to add flavour to your pasta.
一反常態!刺山柑不是果實,而是未成熟的芽,它長於灌木上,持續生長會長成美麗的刺山柑花。每年的5月底至8月中旬,被摘取刺山柑芽會按大小分類,用海鹽醃製,並每天攪拌,以促進發酵,以增強其味道。 無論是搭配吞拿魚片、沙律,還是用來烹調意粉都相當適合。
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