Galateo & Friends, Lemon Condiment, based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Lemon 檸檬特級初榨橄欖油 250ml


柑橘味油是一種非常特殊的調味品,它們為最多樣化和不尋常的準備工作提供開胃替代品。 檸檬是使用最廣泛的柑橘類水果,因為它們最適合搭配不同的食物。 這種油是通過在新鮮檸檬的同時小心壓榨最好的成熟橄欖獲得的。 這種油生吃開胃菜、烤魚或水煮魚、“bresaola”、新鮮山羊奶酪等非常美味。

Citrus-flavoured oils are a very special condiment, they provide an appetizing alternative for the most varied and unusual preparations. Lemons are the most widely used citrus fruit since they are the most suitable for accompanying different foods. This oil is obtained by carefully pressing the finest ripe olives at the same time as fresh lemons. This oil is delicious raw on fish starters, grilled or boiled fish, ‘bresaola’, fresh goat cheese, etc.

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