Galateo & Friends, Coin Tissues 硬幣型壓縮紙巾 500pcs


Full-size tissues made of biodegradable material, compressed into a coin shape. Turn these coins back to the original tissue shape by adding hot or cold liquids. The perfect hot or refreshing towel at the end of a meal. Try it with a mint or lemon grass tea.

由可生物降解材料製成的全尺寸紙巾,壓縮成硬幣形狀。 通過添加熱或冷的液體,將這些硬幣恢復到原來的組織形狀。 飯後完美的熱毛巾或清爽毛巾。 嘗試搭配薄荷茶或檸檬草茶。

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