Galateo & Friends, Assolo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tagiasca Quality 特級初榨橄欖油

Extra virgin olive oil made with Taggiasca olives from a small area in Western Liguria. It is a very rare oil, produced only with olives from the upper orchards that ripen late around April and May. Its low acidity level and the high content in polyphenols make this oil a unique, high quality product. It is sweet, round and fragrant, perfect to enhance your recipes with its delicate perfume.
來自利古里亞西部小地區的塔賈斯卡橄欖製成的特級初榨橄欖油。 它是一種非常稀有的橄欖油,僅選用來自高級果園所出產、四月和五月下旬成熟的橄欖。 低酸度和高含量的多酚使這款橄欖油成為獨特的優質產品,其甜美、圓潤、芳香,能完美地提升食物的味道。
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