Tartuflanghe, Fresh White Truffle from Alba, Italy

About our truffles:
• Where are our truffles from?
• Our truffles are from Alba, Italy by the brand Tartuflanghe
• Why is Alba truffle better?
• Growth of truffles depend on the soil and environmental conditions. Truffles from Alba are renowned around the world to be more flavourful and fragrant, compared to truffles from other regions. Because of the rich flavour and aromatic fragrance, Alba truffles are highly sought after by chefs from around the world. The seasonal white truffle is the most flavourful and popular.
How to order:
1. Send us a message to inquire about the price, as the price changes weekly.
• Prices are provided per gram in HKD
2. Specify what size of the truffle you would like to order.
• 30-40g is usually sufficient for 4 people.
• The actual size may vary from the desired size by up to 20%, usually within 3 grams of the desired size.
3. Pay a down payment of 75% of the cost of the truffle, through FPS, PayPal, or Payme.
• Our truffles are always fresh and delivered directly to Hong Kong from Italy, once every two weeks. Hence, a down payment is required to reserve the truffle for you.
• This deposit is only refundable if we fail to acquire your truffle.
4. Pay remaining amount after truffle arrives in Hong Kong
• Once we know the exact size of the truffle, we will let you know the remaining payment of the truffle.
5. Arrange for delivery
• Once we receive the truffle, we will get the truffle to you as soon as possible.
• Minimum for delivery applies to truffles as well, 900HKD for HK Island, 1000HKD for Kowloon and New Territories. Otherwise, delivery fee of 120 HKD will be charged along with the remaining payment.
• The other items on the order will be shipped together with the truffle.
Guide for handling the truffle:
• Always keep the truffle refrigerated for a longer shelf life.
• It is recommended to change the tissue wrapper every 8-12 hours. It is preferable to use unscented tissues to wrap the truffle. This will also help prolong the shelf life.
• The truffle will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks, but to enjoy the truffle at its peak flavour, it is recommended that the truffle be consumed within 5 days of receiving.

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