Casa Rinaldi, Grilled Sliced Aubergine 烤茄子片 320g


這種烤茄子具有特殊的味道和無與倫比的新鮮度:它們使用典型的“dal fresco”方法加工,然後在烤架上烹製。 這種茄子具有細長的形狀和典型的深紫色,特別是纖維狀、芳香可口,浸在葵花籽油中,並用以香草和特級初榨橄欖油為基礎的醬汁調味。

This grilled aubergines have a particular taste and unsurpassed freshness : they are processed using the typical “dal fresco” method and then cooked on the grill. With an elongated shape and a typical dark purple color, particularly fibrous, fragrant and tasty, this aubergines are dipped in sunflower oil and flavored with a sauce based on herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

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