Casa Rinaldi, 3-color Mediterranean Olives 三色地中海去核橄欖 270g


這種“三色”地中海去核橄欖包括三種橄欖:綠橄欖、黑橄欖和Leccino橄欖,並配以一系列芳香植物,增添了獨特的口感。 改造方法沿襲傳統,增加了原汁原味的細膩風味。 這非常適合搭配肉類和魚類,以及醬汁。

his “3-color” Mediterranean pitted olives include three varieties of olives : green, black and Leccino, accompanied by a series of aromatic plants that add a unique taste. The transformation method follows the tradition and enhances their genuine and delicate flavor. This is perfect with both meat and fish, as well as for sauces.

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