Cascina Morassino owns about 4 hectares of land located on the steep slopes of Ovello hills in the heart of Barbaresco. Run by Roberto Bianco and his father Mauro, it is one of Barbaresco’s oldest producers. In the best tradition of Italian family run wineries, father and son do everything themselves. They would never even think of passing o vineyard work to someone else.

Roberto Bianco is a genuine farmer and producer of enormous integrity. The Langhe has seen many wineries succumb to the temptation of making wines that meet the taste of the critics.

Roberto has ignored all of this choosing to focus on wines made with a keen attention to detail and respect for the true characteristics of Nebbiolo. Roberto’s wines show the unique, fragrant side of Nebbiolo but they never lose the spicy grip. These wines demonstrate brilliantly that Barbaresco does not have to give up its deeper roots to be successful. As Roberto often says: “Nebbiolo must be pure. There are no shortcuts”.

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