Vines and vineyards have always been a particular characteristic of the wonderful landscape of Puglia. With its Mediterranean climate and mild temperatures, the countryside is caressed by gentle sea breezes; the same breezes that favour the Vespa vineyards as well.

Overlooking the Ionian coast, this area once known as Magna Graecia still bears the signs of the cultural fervour brought by the Hellenic colonisation of southern Italy in the VII B.C. when its capital was the city of Taranto.

Today, the winery is distributed over a total area of about 44 hectares, 25 of which are vineyards located between Manduria (home of the famous Primitivo), Avetrana and Lizzano. It is in the province of Taranto and all within the DOP Primitivo di Manduria; IGP Salento; IGP Tarantino and IGP Puglia denominations.

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