Vivel, Small Dates Gold Gift Box 小棗金禮盒 120g


Saqai 椰棗充滿了各種堅果和乾果,味道讓人想起溫和的甜味。

Saqai dates filled with assorted nuts and dry fruits, consists of a flavour profile that is reminiscent of mild sweetness.

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VIVEL 的椰棗是由來自沙烏地阿拉伯的一種名為SAQAI的珍貴椰棗,經過乾燥並小心地一顆一顆地去除,然後夾在各種堅果和水果的皮中製成的。外層堅硬,內層柔軟,讓您享受水果本身的濃鬱甜味。棗子還富含礦物質、維生素C和膳食纖維,是許多中東人日常食用的乾果。
● 杏仁 – 椰棗的柔和甜味和杏仁的鬆脆口感完美地結合在一起。
● 榛果 – 椰棗的柔和甜味和榛果的口感完美融合。
● 核桃 – 椰棗的柔和甜味和核桃的口感完美融合。
● 柳橙 – 甜中帶酸,更能享受椰棗的美味。
● 檸檬 – 酸甜平衡,非常適合搭配柑橘類水果。

VIVEL’s dates are made from a precious date called SAQAI from Saudi Arabia, which is dried and carefully removed one by one, and then sandwiched in the skins of various nuts and fruits. The outer layer is firm and the inner layer is soft, allowing you to enjoy the rich sweetness of the fruit itself. Dates are also rich in minerals, vitamin C and dietary fiber, and are a daily dried fruit consumed by many people in the Middle East.
● Almonds – The soft sweetness of dates and the crunchy texture of almonds are perfectly combined.
● Hazelnut – The soft sweetness of dates and the taste of hazelnut blend perfectly.
● Walnuts – The soft sweetness of dates and the taste of walnuts blend perfectly.
● Orange – Sweet yet sour, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste of dates.
● Lemon – Balance of sour and sweet, perfect for pairing with citrus fruits.

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