Villa Manodori, Balsamic Vinegar 黑醋 250ml


This Balsamic Vinegar is the labour of Massimo Bottura, chef/owner of the famous 3 Michelin Stars Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena. Rich and velvety, it is long aged in wood barrels of dark sour cherry trees from Vignola, Emilia Romagna. This balsamic is delicious on vanilla ice cream or crème brulée. Try it also to marinate meat dishes, as a condiment on risotto, roasted pork or even lamb. It makes a fantastic dressing for salads with apples, walnuts and gorgonzola.
這黑醋是摩德納著名的米芝蓮三星級Osteria Francescana餐廳的廚師/老闆Massimo Bottura的出品,醋味濃郁而柔軟,以來自艾米利亞羅馬涅大區維格諾拉的深色櫻桃木桶中長期陳釀。這黑醋可搭配雲尼拿雪糕或法式忌廉薄餅食用,也可以嘗試醃製肉類菜式,添加在意大利飯調味、烤豬肉甚至羊肉菜式的調味品。非常適合搭配有蘋果、核桃和藍芝士的沙律。
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