Terre Bormane, Citrino, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Fresh Lemon Condiment 500ml

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Pure olive oil with essential lemon oils.

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Citrus flavoured oils are very special condiments, they provide an appetizing alternative for the most varied food preparations. This oil is obtained by carefully pressing with millstones the nest ripe olives with fresh lemons. Three different liquids are produced: olive oil, lemon essential oils, lemon juice. The oils are separated by centrifugation from the lemon juice that is rich in water. The product obtained is pure olive oil with essential lemon oils that give this product and intense lemony flavour without solid traces of the fruit. Perfect on fish starters, grilled and boiled fish, bresaola and goat cheese.

Brand: Terre Bormane

Location: Liguria, Italy

Food: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Weight: 500ml


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