Terre Bormane, Ciabario, Olive Oil 橄欖油


There are several evidences about the importance of the olive oil in Ancient Rome, Already at that time there were several oil qualities based on the different ripening grade of the olives. One of these oils was “Cibarium”. Terre Bormane CIBARIO is an olive oil produced following the classic tradition. It is a light oil with a sweet delicate, rened but savoury taste and a clear golden colour.
根據歷史記載,橄欖油在古羅馬是相當重要的,而當時已有不同成熟程度的橄欖油,其中一種就是叫Cibarium。Terre Bormane Ciabario橄欖油是遵循經典傳統生產的橄欖油,是一種澄明黃金色的輕質油,甜美且味美。
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