Tavazo, Iranian Saffron 伊朗藏紅花 4g


這是最高品質的伊朗藏紅花,被稱為“Sargol”,字面意思是“花的頂部”。 這種藏紅花生長在伊朗藏紅花之都呼羅珊省,完全由紅色柱頭製成,沒有黃色花柱。 它具有濃鬱的紅色,具有強烈的著色力和濃鬱的香氣。
在烹調肉類或魚類以及義大利燴飯或義大利麵時,可將其用作冰淇淋的底料。 非常適合許多中東菜餚。

This is the highest quality Iranian saffron known as “Sargol” that literally translate as “top of the flower”. Grown in Khorasan the saffron capital of Iran, this saffron is made exclusively of the red stigma and no yellow style. With its intense red colour it has a great colouring power and an intense aroma.
Use it for backing, with ice cream, when cooking meat or fish and on risotto or pasta. Perfect for many Middle Eastern dishes.

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