Tartuflanghe, Plin, Fresh Artisanal Ravioli Filled with Herbs 手製新鮮意大利雲吞(香草餡) 500g


The “Ravioli al plin” are a typical handmade first course of the Piedmontse culinary tradition. “Plin” a Piedmontse dialect word, means “pinch”, the technique used to close and seal the pasta. These artisanal ravioli are stuffed with delicious cheese fondue and truffle.
Ravioli al plin是皮埃蒙特地區傳統手製第一道經典菜式。Plin是皮埃蒙特方言中,是手捏的意思,用於密封意粉。這些手工製作的小雲吞,內裡包有瑞可塔芝士、香草和菠菜的餡料。
Weight: 500g
Before you purchase:
Our fresh pasta was frozen according to the official guideline and certificate.
Please check the attached certificate.
If you have any question about the expiry date of the fresh plin pasta, please do not feel hesitate to contact us.
Certificate on Fresh Plin Pasta Expiry Date

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