Tartuflanghe, Grey Salt from Guerande with White Truffle 法國Guerande鹽之花白松露灰鹽

Grey salt from Guérande and white truffle. It is excellent to season all your cold and warm dishes, such as pasta, risotto, eggs, omelettes, meat fillets, barbecue steaks, meat carpaccio, sh tartare, cheese, potatoes, salads, vegetables.來自法國Guerande鹽之花入白松露,能搭配所有冷熱菜式,例如意粉、意大利飯、雞蛋、奄列、牛豬肉柳、烤牛排、Carpaccio、牛肉他他、芝士、薯仔、沙律及蔬菜。
Weight: 100g

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