Salina Di Cervia, Cervia Sea Salt Cushion 切爾維亞甜海鹽舒緩軟包



幾個世紀以來,切爾維亞甜海鹽一直用於緩解疼痛。 由於其對血液循環及其滲透特性的積極影響,當用於準備熱敷或冷敷時,特別是在非風濕性炎症性疾病中,可緩解疼痛、放鬆收縮的肌肉並緩解許多其他類型的疾病 疼痛。

冷敷:有助於腫脹、扭傷、炎症、頭痛、挫傷、瘀傷。 對扭傷和受傷特別有效。
熱敷 (微波爐或傳統烤箱):有助於肌肉收縮、頸部疼痛、頸部僵硬、背痛、關節痛、月經痛、瘀傷。 非常適合緩解胃痛的疼痛。

The Cervia Sweet Salt Cushion can be used either hot or cold and can provide soothing relief for a variety of issues, great for treatment of pain.

Cervia Sweet Salt has been used for pain relief for centuries. Thanks to its positive effects on blood circulation and its osmotic properties, whole Cervia Sweet Salt can be beneficial when used to prepare hot or cold compresses, especially in non-rheumatic inflammatory diseases, to soothe pain, relax contracted muscles, and relieve many other types of aches.

Helps with swelling, sprains, inflammations, headaches, contusions, bruising. Particularly effective against sprains and injuries.

HOT (microwave or traditional oven):
Helps with muscle contractions, neck pain, stiff neck, backache, joint pain, menstrual pain, bruises. Ideal for providing pain relief from stomachache.

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