Galateo & Friends, Rossetto, Tomato Vinegar 番茄醋 250ml


這種醋來自番茄汁的雙重發酵。 它具有強烈、豐富的新鮮和令人愉悅的醋味。 是醃製生魚、肉、水果和蔬菜的完美選擇。 它非常適合搭配生魚和生牛肉片,用於亞洲烹飪、米飯和淋在燙過的蔬菜上。 絕對是搭配卡普雷塞沙拉或精製醬汁的必備之選。

This vinegar results from the double fermentation of tomato juice. It has an intense, rich fresh and pleasantly acetic taste. The perfect choice to marinate raw fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. It is excellent on raw fish and carpaccios, for Asian cooking, rice dishes and to drizzle over blanched vegetables. A definite must to top a caprese salad or to refine sauces.

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