Galateo & Friends, Passepartout, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 特級初榨橄欖油


This extra virgin olive oil is made exclusively from healthy, carefully selected Italian olives. Its full, lively taste is pleasantly fruity with an intense golden yellow shade. Thanks to its fragrance and aroma, this unfiltered olive oil goes perfectly with all cold recipes, vegetables and mixed salads as well as meat dishes.這特級初榨橄欖油是由精選優質、健康的意大利橄欖煶練,其口感飽滿,果香濃郁,且色澤金黃。由於橄欖油未經過濾,保留了橄欖應有的芳香,非常適用於搭配任何冷盤,蔬菜、雜錦沙律及肉類菜式。
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