Ferraris Agricola, Bisou Piemonte Viognier D.O.C. 2020


Bisou 是一款美味的葡萄酒,呈現金黃色,香氣讓人想起蜜餞、桃子和杏子、酸橙花和蜂蜜的充滿活力的香味。 口感清新優雅,但也圓潤複雜。

Bisou is a delicious wine with a golden yellow colour and an aroma that brings to mind a vibrant bouquet of candied fruit, peach and apricot, lime blossom and honey. On the palate it is fresh and elegant, but also round and complex.

Winery: Ferraris Agricola
Location: Castagnole Monferrato, Italy
Grape: Viognier 100%
Type: White
Volume: 750ml

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Country/City 國家/地區

Wine Location 酒產地

Grape 葡萄種類

Wine 酒類

Brand 品牌

Vintage 年份

Classification 酒級別


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