Ferraris Agricola

The Ferraris wines, originating from Castagnole Monferrato in Via al Castello, are the realised dream of founders Luigi and Teresa. While Luigi reaped the benefits of the California Gold Rush, Teresa remained in Italy where she established the company’s first winery – the first of many to come. Four generations later, the Ferraris legacy is being proudly continued by Luca Ferraris. With an inherited passion for vinification, he successfully transitioned the company to cater for the growing demand of their speciality: Piedmont’s own Ruchè variety. The Ruchè vine, whose origins remain mystical, is a guarded treasure of the region. Fortunately, Ferraris is inviting us to indulge in the red grape speciality as well as exquisite white wines, which elevate them from regional competitors. Despite the company’s expansion into over 35 markets, the wines continue to be produced to the highest of standards. Their quality is assured by the company’s ethos, which strikes a crucial synergy between tradition and moving with the times. The now multi-regional company is certified sustainable and holds an immense respect for the environment.

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