Casa Rinaldi, Egg Lasagna 雞蛋千層麵 500g


這個雞蛋千層面呈亮黃色,具有微妙的氣味、濃稠的稠度和有趣的雞蛋味。 它做的千層面非常適合肉醬,與白醬、肉和巴馬干酪的味道完美融合; 它也可以用於蔬菜食譜,如香蒜醬。 Casa Rinaldi 雞蛋千層面必須在鹽水中煮沸 2 分鐘,瀝乾水分並用布擦乾。 添加餡料並在烤箱中以 180 度烘烤 20/25 分鐘。

This egg lasagne are bright yellow in color, characterized by a delicate smell, a thick consistency and an interesting egg flavor. It makes a very lasagne with meat sauce, blending perfectly with the flavor of béchamel, meat and parmesan; it can also be used in vegetable-based recipes, like pesto. Casa Rinaldi egg lasagna must be boiled in salted water for 2 minutes, drained and dried with a cloth. Add the filling and bake in the oven at 180 degree for 20/25 minutes.

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