Pasta Di Liguria

The Minaglia brothers have been making artisan pasta for over 30 years from their hometown of Montoggio, in the Appennine mountains near Genoa. Specializing in traditional shapes from the centuries-old tradition of pasta-making in the region, they have grown to become the leading producers of Ligurian specialtiy pasta, with their award winning shapes being enjoyed the world-over.

Dried at low temperature
A long, natural drying process is key phase in quality, artisan pasta production. Being patient and allowing the pasta the time it needs to retain all the flavor and organoleptic properties of the wheat, whilst guaranteeing that classic al dente bite that artisan pasta is famous for.

The extraction through bronze dies is one of the major characteristics of authentic artisan pasta. It gives our pasta that distinctive roughness and porosity that allows the flavor to sink in and the sauce to meld perfectly to it.

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