Negroni、Boulevardier有別 加冰即飲NIO Cocktails

鍾情飲雞尾酒的,不想去酒吧,在家飲酒,只好自己杯酒自己調,但往往調不出酒吧的口味。這個時候,NIO Cocktails 可以拯救你。NIO Cocktails ,就是 「Need Ice Only」 的意思,來自意大利米蘭,由三位年輕的意大利企業家:Alessandro Palmarin、Luca Quagliano 和 Maximum Palmieri 聯手創立的品牌,還請來世界50大最佳酒吧、羅馬 DRINK KONG 的老闆暨雞尾酒專家 Patrick Pistolesi 調控每款雞尾酒的份量,所用的烈酒,都是高級酒品,質素有一定保證。

NIO Cocktails 的14款雞尾酒,多是大家日常可在酒吧找到的。經典雞尾酒如 Old Fashioned、Boulevardier,均有上百年歷史了,Old Fashioned 的歷史最悠久,早在1870年代經已出現,當時的Old Fashioned,多用威士忌作基礎,再加入其他酒精或果味酒調製,加橙皮是必須的,也成為史上最早的雞尾酒。同樣都有橙的 Boulevardier,該雞尾酒最大特色是歐洲材料調製,卻在美國紐約發揚光大。很多人都認為 Boulevardier 和 Negroni 很相似,兩者最大差別是Boulevardier 是用 Bourbon Whiskey 的;Negroni 則是源自意大利,用氈酒泡製,味道也略有不同。

飲用 NIO Cocktails 就毋須擔心以上問題,所有雞尾酒經已事前調好,也不添加任何食物添加劑或防腐劑。包裝含有生物分解成份,可循環回收。飲用前,只需要輕輕搖晃包裝袋,撕開包裝角口,然後倒入有冰粒酒杯,即可飲用,相當方便。


NIO Cocktails is the labour of love of three young Italian entrepreneurs: Alessandro Palmarin, Luca Quagliano, Maximum Palmieri. Their idea: make professionally mixed cocktails available and ready to drink everywhere.

We are all used to drink a Negroni or a Margarita exclusively where we can find a good bartender. Preparing yourself a cocktail might be complex and expensive. Nio is the answer.
To realise their dream the 3 young Italians needed a cocktail expert: PATRICK PISTOLESI owner of DRINK KONG in Rome, recipient of the Campari One to Watch Award 2019 (The World 50 Best Bars).
Patrick is a Master mixologist who has created 14 perfect NIO cocktails to be enjoyed everywhere. You just need to follow 3 simple steps:
1 – Shake the pack
2 – Tear o the corner
3 – Pour the content into a tumbler filled with ice.

NIO ready-to-drink cocktails are mixed in Italy with only selected premium spirits from the most important producers in the world.

NIO offers a luxurious drinking experience everywhere and, on every occasion, providing a practical and elegant solution for all those occasions where having a professional bar would not be possible or not convenient.

NIO does not use any additives or preservatives in any of its cocktails.
For its packaging NIO uses exclusively FSC® certified paper, while the internal pouch is 45% Bio- based. Both components are recyclable.

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