Montanari & Gruzza

Born in via Emilia.
Montanari & Gruzza was born there, in via Emilia, seventy years ago. The road that crosses a territory where secular, even millenary tradition has grown thanks to innovation and development.

A territory that gave birth to great products of the Italian food tradition, born from patience, passion and hard work. In a society of farmers who needed very little to live and with the ingenuity to overcome the poverty of past eras.

A family bond
The daily collection of surfacing cream in dairies where Parmigiano Reggiano is produced and the selection and care for the cheeses, show a strong relationship with an environment that has been familiar from the beginning of our history, which started halfway through the last century.

Patience and ingenuity
Patience: like the slow passing of time, season after season, required to produce a Parmigiano Reggiano with the highest organoleptic qualities.

Ingenuity because technological intuitions from centuries ago are still being used today. Parmigiano Reggiano is based on an extremely complex production method: the characteristics of the dough and the use of raw milk, without anti-fermentation agents and preservatives, require extraordinary knowledge. Knowledge which has been passed on orally from the master cheese maker to the dairy apprentice, or from father to son, through generations.

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