Modena, Italy

Modena lies on the Pianura Padana, and is bounded by the two rivers Secchia and Panaro, both affluents of the Po River. Their presence is symbolized by the Two Rivers Fountain in the city’s center, by Giuseppe Graziosi. The city is connected to the Panaro by the Naviglio channel.
The Apennines begin some 10 kilometres (6 miles) from the city, to the south.
The comune is divided into four circoscrizioni. These are:
Centro storico (Historical Center, San Cataldo)
Crocetta (San Lazzaro-East Modena, Crocetta)
Buon Pastore (Buon Pastore, Sant’Agnese, San Damaso)
San Faustino (S.Faustino-Saliceta San Giuliano, Madonnina-Quattro Ville)

Modena has a humid subtropical climate, with continental influences. It has an average annual precipitation of 809 millimetres (31.9 in). Summers are warm and winters are chilly and wetter, with the possibility of snowfall. This climate is described by the Köppen climate classification as Cfa.

Source: Wikipedia

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