Nowadays, in Levoni they are the fourth generation, and the mission of the family is one: continuing to pursue an absolute excellence in the production of a wide range of salami, all of the highest quality, all mouthpieces of the great Italian food and wine tradition.

Consistent with this choice we are present in the best delicatessens and butchers of the Country, since these have always been the natural places for our deli meats, which find there knowledge, professionalism and love for things done well. Of course Levoni are also proud to have brought this whole Italian heritage all over the world, and Levoni are present in over 50 countries, in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

Between banks, locks, canals and rice fields that touch and hide in the suggestions of the Po Valley fog, Levoni finds Mantua – a Lombard land nestled between Veneto and Emilia regions. It is in this territory, which carries within itself the memory of the lakes, a history rich in suggestions, the exquisiteness of cotechini, deli meats, tortelli, that they have always felt at home. Here they are in the province where pig breeding origins in very distant times and the premium quality of their meat is guaranteed by the destination of the legs, which are used for the production of prosciutto DOP Parma and San Daniele. No other place could have hosted Levoni, they are grateful to no other place, but Mantua – a town capable of weaving art, culture and deli meats in a harmony like no other.

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