La Caplana

The Guido family has overseen the vine growing and the wine production at La Caplana since the last century.

The first member of the family to run the vineyard was Natalino’s grandfather. He had to deal with the disastrous phylloxera that hit this area in 1925 and destroyed most of the vineyards.

Miraculously he managed to save the old Vignavecchia vineyard, the pride of the Caplana winery.

The care of La Caplana was then passed to Natalino’s father Gerolamo, who kept on growing and planting vines on the high hills at Vignavecchia, a task that requires a lot of effort and hard work, as the vines are planted on very steep slopes.

Today, Natalino Guido oversees all the aspects of vine growing and wine making process. He proudly carries on the family tradition and dedication to produce ne wines that reflects the distinctive features of his land.

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