Caseificio Maldera

The main goal of Caseificio Maldera has always been keeping treating milk processing as a real form of art.

To this reason, the deliciousness of Burrata is enhanced by dairy products, which combine perfectly with each other creating a leitmotif that makes people live an amazing culinary experience.

Fresh cheese is the most renowned one in Puglia and is characterized by a concave shape, which releases a smooth explosion of cream and stracciatella.

Then we have Mozzarella, which is made extraordinary thanks to its different types of processing.

There is also Fior di latte, with a soft and delicate heart.

Not to mention mozzarella knots and braided mozzarella, which are characterized by a peculiar shape and a soft texture from which an entirely handmade product is born.

Stracciatella, a typical Apulian dairy product, represents a mix of fresh cream and frayed mozzarella.

In its classic and blue-veined variants, giuncata is a fresh cheese marked by a crumbly consistency and a delicate flavour.

Smoked ciliegine and smoked sticks are distinguished by a savoury and delicious taste with an essence that creates an exquisite flavour.

Caseificio Maldera’s products are unique thanks to their texture that valorises our milk, made with a recipe rooted in an extraordinary tradition.

Over time we can keep on writing our Story alongside our consumers from all over the world.

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