Arneis is found primarily in the Italian wine region of Piedmont where it is featured in the white DOC/G wines of Roero and Langhe. It is permitted as a blending grape in the red Nebbiolo based wines of Roero but its use in this capacity is today rarely seen. In 2004, nearly 1 million gallons (38,000 hectoliters) of DOC designated Arneis was produced in these two regions. Outside of Piedmont, limited plantings of the grape can be found in Liguria and on the Italian island of Sardinia.

In the United States, Arneis is mostly found in California wine region of Sonoma County and the Oregon wine region of the Willamette Valley. Other American Viticultural Areas with some plantings of the grape include the Mendocino, Russian River Valley, Paicines and Santa Ynez Valley AVAs. It is also being grown in Willcox, Arizona. In the 21st century, plantings of Arneis have begun appearing the Australian wine regions of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales as well as the New Zealand wine region of Gisborne in the North Island.

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