NIO Cocktails is the labour of love of three young Italian entrepreneurs: Alessandro Palmarin, Luca Quagliano, Maximum Palmieri. Their idea: make professionally mixed cocktails available and ready to drink everywhere.
Marchesi Biscardo
Founded in the late 1800, Marchesi Biscardo has remained to these days a family business. The winery located in Verona is now run by Nicola Biscardo fourth generation of the Biscardo family. Attention to details, respect of traditions and sensible use of innovation are the trademarks of this winery. This is reflected in the gorgeous wines produced one for all the Amarone.
Cascina Morassino owns about 4 hectares of land located on the steep slopes of Ovello hills in the heart of Barbaresco. Run by Roberto Bianco and his father Mauro, it is one of Barbaresco’s oldest producers. In the best tradition of Italian family run wineries, father and son do everything themselves. They would never even think of passing o vineyard work to someone else.
St Paul's Winery​
St. Pauls Winery was founded in 1907 and has been producing great wine with passion ever since. Protected by the Alps and benefiting from 1800 hours of sunshine a year, with very warm days and cool nights during the ripening period, the vineyards produce fantastic, fully ripe grapes.
Ciabot Berton
By the end of the 1950s, Luigi Oberto, along with his father Giovenale, was tending 2 hectares of Nebbiolo vines on the hill of Bricco San Biagio, and selling the grapes to merchants. That is until they took the decision that would change the history of Ciabot Berton. Aware of the potential of their grapes, they decided to stop selling them and transform them into wine instead. Their first Barolo was bottles in 1961.
The story of the Garofoli estate is the story of a family that has been dedicated to the art of winemaking for generations. Since 1871, when the winery was founded by Antonio Garofoli, members of the family have been running the estate and made it one of the best know and most respected in Italy.
La Caplana
The Guido family has overseen the vine growing and the wine production at La Caplana since the last century. The first member of the family to run the vineyard was Natalino’s grandfather. He had to deal with the disastrous phylloxera that hit this area in 1925 and destroyed most of the vineyards.
Podere Sapaio is located in the Bolgheri wine area of the Maremma, a land that runs parallel to the Tuscan coast in the province of Livorno, named after the town of Bolgheri. The owner Massimo Piccin, purchased the estate in 1999 and planted his vineyards one year later in 2000.
The Drusian family has been producing wine for three generations. Their estate is situated in the heart of Valdobbiadene and extends over 50 hectares of vineyards. Mr. Franceso Drusian rmly believes that the quality of his wines should be the pure expression of the grapes.
Poggio Salvi​
The production of wine at Poggio Salvi has ancient origins that are difficult to trace back as you lose yourself in the wine history of Tuscany. However, we do know that the Bicchi family, the present owners of the farm, began making wine in the late 1800’s.
Cielo e Terra
Cielo e Terra was established in 1908, thanks to the passion for wine of a vine grower family from the Veneto Region. The bond between the soil (Terra) and the Cielo Family saw its’ birth in their modest Casa Defra’ vineyard located in Valle del Chiampo.
Graziano Pra'​
The rich, black-soiled volcanic hills near Verona are home to the world-famous Soave wine, here on a small estate at the very heart of the Soave Classico DOC region, the Pra’ family has been crafting increasingly better vintages of their legendary Soave since 1983. The influential Gambero Rosso magazine has described Pra’ Soave Classico as ”an absolutely magfinicent wine”. This year again it has won the Gambero Rosso’s top ”tre bicchieri” (three glasses) award.
Vines and vineyards have always been a particular characteristic of the wonderful landscape of Puglia. With its Mediterranean climate and mild temperatures, the countryside is caressed by gentle sea breezes; the same breezes that favour the Vespa vineyards as well.
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