Terre Bormane, Decano, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 1.20 Density 250ml


It takes loving care and a lot of patience to produce a good-quality balsamic vinegar. This traditional product cannot be hurried and its quality improves as time goes by. Thanks to the particular climate in the area where it is produced, the passing of time gives rise to this most precious and exceptional balsamic vinegar. It is stored for long periods in high-quality barrels of various sizes made of different types of wood. Here it slowly ages and acquires a specific bouquet, becoming what is often called “black gold”. With its deep brown colour, its balanced bittersweet taste and its penetrating and sophisticated fragrance this is a truly unique dressing.

Brand: Terre Bormane

Location: Emilia Romagna, Italy

Food: Vinegar

Weight: 250ml

Availability: In stock

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