Il Borgo del Balsamico, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia, Gold Label 100ml

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>25 years aged vinegar. Best of the Best.

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Gold Label Balsamic is a most aromatic, flavourful vinegar, its distinct mellowness imparted only by the slow passing of time. Its rounded bouquet is the result of years of ageing in ancient wooden casks that gradually release their precious fragrances. Gold Label’s unmistakable texture and taste should always be savoured as it is, never cooked. Equally exquisite on sweet or savoury foods, Gold Label comes into its own on raw or cooked fruit, ice-cream, desserts or just by itself as an energizing pick-me-up. Aged more than 25 years.

Brand: Il Borgo del Balsamico

Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy

Food: Vinegar

Weight: 100ml


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