Galateo & Friends, Elements Taggiasca, Mono-Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oils 250ml

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From different regions of Italy, set of 4.

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Elements is a collection of 4 mono-variety extra virgin olive oils, each from a different Italian region: Liguria, Toscana, Puglia, Sicilia . These oils can be paired with an array of different food preparations and are able to satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.
To present this set of oils, Galateo & Friends has teamed up with Seletti Design to develop a customised holder. The famous design house has created a modern interpretation of the classic wooden fruit box, made with a material looking like cement while being very light.

Brand: Galateo & Friends

Location: Liguria, Italy

Food: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Weight: 250ml

Package:The 4 oils are available individually or as a set.


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