Compral, Frozen Fassone Beef Sausage of Bra 500g


Beef sausage from Bra, Cuneo
Strong meat taste, perfect match with wine.

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The Salsiccia di Bra is a very special sausage prepared with lean Fassone beef meat and pork pancetta.
It is an old, traditional product of the Piedmontese town of Bra.
Originally it was prepared without pork bacon for the Jewish community leaving in the area.
A special decree of the royal house allowed the butchers of Bra to produce this sausage with beef, the only one in all of Italy.
It is an important ingredient of many traditional Piedmontese dishes, one for all: Egg tagliolini with salsiccia di Bra ragu.

Brand: Compral Cooperativa Allevatori – Cuneo
Location: Bra, Cuneo, Italy
Food: Beef Sausage
Weight: 500g
Ingredient: Lean Fassone beef, pork pancetta, spices and salt.

Frozen. Vacuum packed.


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